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The 2017 IT Channel Marketing 360 Report is here. The first of what will be an annual publication from Lauchlan, this survey and report takes a look at IT channel marketing trends from the perspective of all 3 groups involved: vendor channel marketing leaders, solution provider/VAR marketers and IT executives, management and mid-level pros. The survey zooms in on opinions surrounding some of the most common marketing activities in the IT channel, including:
  • What marketing activities will get the most MDF in 2017?
  • What’s the best time of day for an IT event?
  • Is direct mail truly having a comeback?
  • What do IT pros think about all those cold calls and emails?
  • What content formats and sources do IT pros prefer?
  • What do IT pros want marketers to start—and stop—doing right now?
  Here’s a few notable findings from this year’s report:
  1. What we are going to call “The Eternal IT Marketing Paradox” endures. Calling remains a top marketing tactic in both frequency of use and perceived effectiveness in the IT channel. BUT, it’s overwhelmingly the most negatively perceived tactic among IT pros.
  1. Events still reign supreme. All the talk of inbound and digital marketing aside, the good old lunch-and-learn—or steak-and-storage, or happy hour—is still seen as a top IT channel marketing tactic. And events will continue to take the lion’s share of MDF in 2017.
  1. Proving performance is the biggest challenge. Both vendors and solution providers/VARs ranked “tracking ROI of campaigns” as their biggest marketing challenge.
  1. Sales is to blame! Both vendors and solution providers/VARs ranked “inconsistent follow-through” on the part of the solution provider/VAR sales team as a top barrier to MDF campaign success.
  1. IT pros really don’t like marketing fluff. When asked what they disliked most about IT vendor and solution provider/VAR marketing content, “too much marketing fluff” was chosen by 45% of IT pros. At a distant second was “no pricing information.”
  1. Afternoons (not lunch) may actually be the IT event sweet spot. Interestingly, afternoon was ranked the most preferred time of day for attending learning events by IT pros. Morning was second and lunchtime was third. After work ranked the lowest.

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