June 8, 2021

5 Ideas to Refresh Your B2B Tech
Lead-Gen Efforts Post-Pandemic

Reboot your B2B tech marketing habits with these lead-gen ideas for a digital-first world.

June 8, 2021

5 Ideas to Refresh Your B2B Tech
Lead-Gen Efforts Post-Pandemic

Reboot your B2B tech marketing habits with these lead-gen ideas for a digital-first world.

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  • How you can breathe fresh air into your lead-gen efforts with new digital tactics
  • What Twitter Spaces is and how it can be used for live audio events
  • How you can boost inbound leads with a pillar page

For many B2B tech marketers, the pandemic was a time of forced innovation, particularly for those that relied more heavily on in-person engagements.

Now, many of those same marketers are looking towards the post-pandemic world as a sort of fresh start—a chance to continue the momentum established with new digital marketing muscles found over the last 15 months.

In that spirit, here’s five ideas for changing up old lead-gen habits with new digital tactics.

1. Host a panel discussion on Twitter Spaces.

Twitter’s recent entry into the buzzy social audio category, Spaces allows users with 600 or more followers to host live audio conversations. While social audio is still very much in the emergent phase, initial experiments with audio panel discussions for marketing on invite-only Clubhouse have shown success.

Now that Twitter has made the format more accessible, it’s a great time to experiment with live audio conversation as lead-gen opportunity. Consider launching a conversation on a key tech topic, perhaps using a hashtag or simply DMs for participants to request a more personalized discussion after the fact.

2. Create a pillar page to boost inbound leads.

Pillar pages are long (often 2,000+ words), highly structured pages or blog posts that serve as a comprehensive guide to a topic while linking out to several cluster pages (usually other blog posts) throughout that go deeper on related topics. Pillar pages are super friendly to today’s search algorithms and they tend to draw higher engagement from users.

Here’s an example of a B2B tech pillar page from Cloud Elements focused on API integration.

The next time you’re planning a new ebook or white paper, consider shifting those resources to a pillar page with avenues to conversion—gated content, demos, free trials, etc.—sprinkled throughout.

You can also build a gated ebook and non-gated HTML page both with a title like “The Ultimate Guide to [TECH TOPIC]” and offer both paths for the reader, as Cloud Elements does in the example above. This tactic gives you the opportunity to capitalize on organic traffic from the jump while also allowing a path to engagement for those who aren’t ready to give up their contact info.

3. Customize content in syndication to drive action.

If you’re investing in a large amount of content syndication leads, make sure you’re getting the most out of them. One way to do this is by adding CTA pages to your PDFs in syndication to drive readers to deeper funnel landing pages while you have their attention.

If you syndicate webinar recordings, plan ahead by adding a final slide that drives to a demo or meeting request landing page and have your speaker offer a quick pitch to take further action at the end of his or her presentation.

4. Use newsjacking to ride the wave of a trending story.

The art of inserting one’s brand into the conversation around a breaking news story is typically considered a B2C play. But the basic idea of newsjacking offers opportunities for B2B tech lead gen as well.

Let’s look at an example scenario of newsjacking for lead gen.

The next big SolarWinds-like attack breaks in the news. A cybersecurity solutions provider with a public sector focus seizes the opportunity with a quick blog post titled “[LATEST ATTACK]: What State and Local CIOs Need to Know.” The blog post serves up key considerations based on the news and drives to a gated content asset like a recent on-demand webinar to generate leads while the topic has urgency.

5. Pair your SOLPs with a content hub for a powerful one-two punch.

In B2B demand gen, the single-offer landing page (SOLP) has reigned supreme. But the growth of platforms like UberFlip and PathFactory has validated the idea that enterprise tech buyers will engage more with your content if provided deeper, more personalized experiences that facilitate self-guided journeys down the funnel.

A content hub—with your best funnel content assets organized by role, industry or use cases and stage in the buyer journey—typically garners high engagement but low conversion. But pairing it with some strong, focused conversion points elsewhere in your campaign can make for a healthy, sustainable strategy that yields qualified, informed leads over time.

Refresh your B2B tech lead-gen strategy with Lauchlan.

How are you rethinking digital marketing post-pandemic? Connect with Lauchlan to explore these or any other ideas as part of an integrated B2B tech marketing strategy. Get in touch today to learn how we can help you reach your desired audiences and tell your unique story. Pete Fuduric is Content Director at Lauchan. You can email Pete at pfuduric@lauchlanx.com.


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