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The results are in from the Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Technology Content Marketing 2016: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America report. The survey, sponsored by IDG and conducted by CMI, asked 392 technology marketers in North America about their content marketing strategies, tactics, budgets and expectations in 2016. There’s a lot of interesting insights here, but these 7 stood out to me:
  1. Tech marketers are ahead of the content marketing curve. According to the report, a whopping 95% of tech marketers have adopted content marketing—the highest adoption rate among all the B2B segments CMI surveyed. That’s up from 93% in last year’s study.
  2. And they plan to go even bigger with content in 2016. 75% of respondents said they plan to create more content this year versus 2015.
  3. The lunch-and-learn (still) reigns supreme. It’s interesting to note that despite all the talk of new digital modes of marketing, in-person events were rated the most effective content marketing tactic (75%), followed closely by webinars (72%), case studies (69%) and videos (69%). (Planning a live event? Let’s talk.)
  4. But how about those case studies? If you set aside experiential formats like events and webinars, the case study has consistently ranked as a top, or the top, content format for both tech marketers and (more crucially) IT buyers across several industry studies. (Ask us about our case study packages.)
  5. Search advertising is effective. Banners, not so much. Tech marketers ranked search engine marketing as the most effective paid advertising method (56%), followed by promoted social posts (50%) and social ads (49%). Online banner ads (31%) and print/offline (22%) brought up the rear.
  6. E-newsletters are overrated. E-newsletters topped the list of things tech marketers ask IT buyers to subscribe to (73%), followed by blogs (68%). But e-newsletters were also ranked the least effective content marketing tactic.
  7. LinkedIn remains the preferred social channel. Another preference reinforced in survey after survey, LinkedIn was ranked the top social channel for content marketing at 72%. Although Twitter was not that far behind at 60%. The rest were YouTube (52%), Facebook (23%) and Google+ (7%).
The full report is available here.

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