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Three things the Lauchlan team loves in no particular order:
  1. Giving IT buyers what they want
  2. Giving tech marketers what they need
  3. Classic NES games and their glorious music.
We’re a diverse group here. We have many obsessions, healthy and otherwise. But it was these three that recently found their way into one cheeky video with an ax to grind. Check it out above, but just to summarize what we’re getting at: done wrong, content and/or inbound marketing can be spammy too. A few of us often chuckle around the office about a certain marketing automation concern that preaches inbound but pounds us with sales calls. As tech marketers, we constantly need to do a gut check on whether we’re engaging people in a buyer-centric way across every channel. It’s not enough to just write an ebook, white paper and a case study, plug ‘em into a lead nurture chain and hope for the best. Truly mapping content, format and cadence to the buyer journey takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s the only way to engage IT buyers jaded by the spam and content deluge. Anyway, enjoy. IT Discussion Slugfest from Lauchlan on Vimeo.  

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