Lauchlan Lead Secure Manager Sean McCool recently sat down with us to talk about his team’s role in helping our clients in the IT channel “usher” leads down the funnel through a mix of marketing automation and voice and email touches. Watch the video or read the transcript below.   What is Lauchlan Lead Secure? Lauchlan Lead Secure is a team we setup internally that focuses on looking at the buyer journey from a holistic point of view. So if you take things into consideration from the buyer’s perspective: what matters to them, what sort of content do they want to see, how do they get from stage 1 to stage 2 in terms of not knowing about a product to wanting to buy it, and what sort of tools we can put in place to empower them to make their way through that journey?   How does it fit in with an overall campaign? I see Lead Secure as being the type of glue within a certain campaign. So if you think about it from these campaigns having all these different components from design and development to content to accounts management, Lead Secure is essentially the glue that helps these different departments and these different components talk together and play nice together.   What’s the role of automation? Automation within Lead Secure works as a great middle-of-the-funnel tool. So it takes people who probably already know about who you are and what you do and helps feed them through to take a meeting with you. Essentially, it’s about setting up an environment for people to start interacting with you and then, based on their interactions, feed them specific types of content to help usher them down the funnel.   What are some calling best practices? So first and foremost, I think it’s important to recognize that each person you call is different and that each conversation you have is going to be different, as well. On top of that, realize that these are people that have busy schedules. Be respectful of their time, and clearly and quickly explain the benefits of what you’re offering to them.  

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