See how Lauchlan can help you based on specific marketing goals.

Long-term, strategic IT marketing

There is a way off the IT channel marketing hamster wheel.

Lauchlan can help you build and execute a plan that gets beyond the quarterly “one-and-done” campaigns and makes long-term, strategic IT channel marketing possible.

Advance your marketing.

Finally bring inbound, digital and content-driven tactics to your own marketing or your channel partners.

Demonstrate clear ROI.

Deploy programs measured by conversion rate, cost per lead, total revenue generated and other marketing KPIs.

Start something and build on it.

Instead of reinventing the wheel with each campaign, create and deploy a plan that is continuously measured and optimized for better results over a year or longer.

IT lead generation

Digital, personal, multi-channel

We use our experience and data from hundreds of campaigns to constantly refine our formula for IT channel lead generation. The end result is an alchemy of creativity, content and channel mix to generate engagement and meeting requests from IT decision makers in an increasingly digital and oversaturated playing field.

Multi-touch, multi-channel

Lauchlan can help you convert leads through a carefully calibrated mix of email, direct mail, digital and social outreach, and voice.


Create brand gravitas and generate leads with a “gate worthy” content asset promoted through a mix of paid, social and direct channels.

Human touch

Finally get the attention of sought-after accounts by blending modern lead generation tactics with a human touch -- think personalized mail packages, human lead forms and 1-to-1 video messages.


Use a cool tech gadget, craft beer or other door opening incentives to give your prospects that extra little nudge to take a meeting.

Pure digital

Avoid list purchases and reach your prospects where they increasingly spend their time through a pure digital lead generation campaign.

Content creation

Be the signal in the noise of IT content.

We may have reached Peak Content in the IT industry. For IT marketers that means focusing much more on quality, not quantity, and truly knowing thy buyer.

Writers that know IT and the channel

Whether it’s an ebook, white paper, case study, datasheet, blog post or video script, working with Lauchlan means you get a writer that knows IT, gets the channel and understands the world of VARs, systems integrators, MSPs and other IT services businesses.

Buyer persona research

Understanding and defining your key buyer personas -- their challenges, pain points, personalities -- is the critical first step to producing effective content.

Comprehensive content libraries

Build a matrix of content assets that taken together address every question your prospects have, at every stage of the IT buying cycle, for all key solutions.

Strategic blogging, not blogging for blogging’s sake

Get a blogging strategy driven by keyword research and measured by its effect on marketing KPIs like SERP position, website visitors, subscribers gained and leads generated.

Research-driven content assets

Create compelling “gate worthy” content assets based on proprietary industry surveys conducted by Lauchlan.

Lead generation campaigns using content assets

Create a content asset that acts as the centerpiece driving a digital lead generation campaign through multiple channels.

Content as a service

Get a steady stream of content -- blog and social posts, case studies, gated assets -- in a monthly subscription.

Video creation

Make your case in a medium IT pros prefer.

Video has steadily risen to the top of the heap as a preferred content format for IT leaders. Take advantage of Lauchlan’s end-to-end video capabilities to effectively tell your story.

Concept to script to final cut

Whatever kind of video you want to produce, Lauchlan can handle it, from coming up with the right creative concept to writing the script, shooting on-site, animating and editing.

Animated videos

Choose from 3 tiers of custom animation. Our animated videos range from the economical yet creative to custom illustrations and characters.

Commercial-style videos

Convey your message through a short, creative, story-driven video using Lauchlan’s creative and production team.

Talking head videos

Work with us to create an engaging video that leads with real people -- customer stories, subject matter expert interviews and more.

Web development

Transform your website into a growth engine.

Take your website from outdated “brochureware” to an integrated digital marketing hub. Lauchlan ensures every aspect of your web presence is aligned towards attracting, engaging and converting leads, with the analytics tools to connect spend to outcomes.

Building your digital marketing infrastructure

We can help you integrate all of the components -- automation, analytics, content management, blogging, social management -- to do digital marketing driven by content, data and inbound fundamentals.

Responsive, mobile-friendly design

We’ll ensure your website looks great on all devices and operating systems.

Search engine optimization

Any website project with Lauchlan includes adherence to SEO best practices -- a critical, but often missed, step for IT services websites.

Buyer-centric content

With the foundation built, our team of IT marketing writers can help you craft website content that tells your story while avoiding empty buzzwords and overpromises.

Engaging webinars, rich analytics

Educate and convert IT prospects, live and on demand.

Webinars continue to grow as a preferred medium for IT leaders researching the latest technologies. Partner with Lauchlan to drive demand through engaging webinars on top platforms that offer granular attendee insights.

Complete webinar programs

Rely on Lauchlan to plan and execute everything from registration pages and audience acquisition to simu-live webinar hosting and lead follow-up.

On-demand webinar packaging

Make the most of your webinar investment. We can capture and package your video as a website asset and even create a lead generation plan built around your on-demand webinar.

Insightful webinar analytics

We deliver actionable metrics on audience engagement for lead scoring and effective post-webinar follow-up.

IT marketing event services

Rethink your approach to the most enduring IT marketing tactic.

Events remain one of the most effective marketing tactics in the IT industry for introducing your brand, generating leads and accelerating existing opportunities. We can help you bring fresh ideas to your IT events and execute on them, start to finish.

Event creative concepts and branding

We can start by coming up with a unique theme and overall experience for your event to break away from the standard IT lunch-and-learn.

Venue research and selection

Our team knows great IT event venues in just about every major U.S. city. We can help you find the perfect spot for you.

Audience acquisition

A typical Lauchlan event program includes a registration page and multi-channel outreach to drive attendance.

Post-event lead nurture

Capitalize on your event with a lead nurture and/or meeting driver campaign to attendees developed and deployed by Lauchlan.

Event series and tours

Lauchlan has experience managing large, multi-city IT event series end to end. Work with us to ensure your big events are a hit from the standpoint of logistics, experience and ROI.

National sales meetings

Rely on Lauchlan as your one partner for a great NSM experience. We can handle everything from branding to planning to on-site execution.

IT brand creation and refresh

It’s hard to sell digital transformation solutions when your brand reeks of the 1990s. Whether you’re refreshing an established brand or starting from scratch with a new venture, Lauchlan’s creative specialists can help.

Brand research

We can start with a thorough exercise to analyze current brand state, internal and external perceptions, core values and key strengths.

Brand refresh across all media

We’ll help you disseminate your new brand across your website, social channels, print collateral, business cards, signage and more.

Mobile-friendly website design

Tap into Lauchlan’s web development capabilities to make your brand shine on its most critical platform -- your website.

Channel partner enablement

Educate and empower partners through engaging content hubs, gamification programs and events.

Sales playbooks

Build intuitive digital sales playbooks and battle cards that give partner sales teams the key talking points they need to start quality conversations with prospects.

Partner enablement content hubs

Launch a user-friendly, content-rich website dedicated to educating partners on your solutions in an engaging experience. Add a gamification element to boost participation.

Enablement events

Plan an enablement event that strikes the right balance of education, networking, account mapping and fun.

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