Video has been one of the fastest growing marketing formats over the past decade, and it’s not limited to B2C. As Hubspot recently noted, 75% of business executives watch work-related videos online at least weekly. For many IT marketers, video presents an opportunity to reach their target audiences in a format the buyer prefers and one that’s easily digestible, easily shareable and can have a lasting shelf life beyond individual campaigns. For the IT solution provider in particular, video offers great versatility. It can be used for:
  • Awareness — Highlight your OEM partnerships, company culture and key differentiators.
  • Lead Gen — Yes, really, lead gen! Wondering how? Read on below.
  • Thought-Leadership — Position your subject matter experts as authorities on key industry trends.
  • Event/Talk Recaps — Promote a recent tradeshow booth presence, event or TechTalk.
  • Sales Collateral — Educate the viewer with solution overviews, case studies or customer testimonials.
  • Recruitment — Attract hard-to-find IT talent through videos showcasing company culture, employee experiences and office spaces.

Why Video Has a Place in MDF Lead-Gen Campaigns

The above may sound all fine and good, but how do you fund it in the IT channel where the MDF lead-gen campaign reigns supreme? This is one of the most common questions we encounter at Lauchlan. The answer is simple: Video can be a content asset every bit as substantial, durable and converting as a white paper, ebook or datasheet—with proven ROI measurements for MDF claiming and reporting. If you’re looking for ways to justify putting marketing budget towards video, here’s some ammo:
  • Video helps buyers make decisions. 52% of consumers say that watching a product or solution video makes them more confident in their purchase.
  • Performance can be tracked. Video engagement can be easily tracked and used as a lead-in for an appointment-setting campaign.
  • Business leaders prefer video over text content. So said 59% of senior executives (Source).
  • Animated videos are converters. Animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20% (Source).
  • Video garners more email engagement. Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26% (Source).

Solve for Effective Lead Generation Through Video

Lauchlan can help you tell your story and capture leads through engaging video content. Get in touch with us to start a conversation about your marketing goals.   Nathalie Bishop is an Account Manager with Lauchlan. You can email Nathalie at