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At Lauchlan, we’re all about buyer-centric tech marketing, and we’re always experimenting with new lead-gen tactics that make life easier for IT pros while still giving IT marketers what they need.

Central to the IT marketer/IT pro relationship is the ubiquitous lead form. While it’s often a critical tool for B2B marketers to capture prospect information, research shows it can be a barrier for the buyer—both practically (“I really need to fill out 9 fields!?”) and psychologically (Seeing a lead form can put them in the mindset of a marketing experience they may be reluctant to initiate.)

With all this in mind, we decided to shake things up for one recent MDF lead-gen campaign. Here’s the case study in a nutshell:

The campaign goal: Generate meeting requests for EMC flash storage and Cisco Unified Computing System as an architecture for Oracle.

The audience: A focused list of only 68 Canadian IT executives

The idea: Engage and convert IT pros to a meeting through a more human and user-friendly experience that bypasses the traditional trappings of lead-gen marketing.

The approach: Replace the meeting request form with a picture of the solution provider’s actual solution architect. The call to action is a simple “Email Steve” button to ask for a meeting directly.

The components: 3 emails, 1 direct mail, a landing page

The results: The client netted 4 high quality in-person meeting requests from the campaign and considered it a great return on their MDF investment.

The takeaway: It may add a bit more legwork for the marketing team, but a more personal, buyer-centric lead-gen experience can ultimately generate a higher conversion rate—and in the end that’s all that matters.

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