February 4, 2021

The Role of Video Storytelling in
Technology Company Marketing

Key steps to maximizing ROI with a holistic marketing strategy.

February 4, 2021

The Role of Video Storytelling in
Technology Company Marketing

Key steps to maximizing ROI with a holistic marketing strategy.

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Video storytelling has been a staple in the digital marketing realm for many years now. While it is relatively new in some industries, video content is consumed on all networks all day and night. This is even more true due in large part to the increasing amount of streamed offerings (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc.). People are looking for, and willing to consume, video content both for entertainment and education. In fact, it’s a key way that many buyers, including stakeholders in the technology sector, move toward making a purchase.

In the technology arena, it’s important to be on the cutting edge of marketing trends. Video use is no longer a trend; it’s the standard. Where it used to be fine to produce low-quality, consistent video, users now expect quality and speed. Here are some major reasons why you should implement video storytelling in your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Break Down High-Level Technology Concepts

Technology in general is complicated. Even those of us in digital marketing are constantly honing our skills at conferences, downloading whitepapers and annual reports and watching trending topics to stay on the beat. Customers are not always as focused on those things as they spend time in their own niche. That is why video is an incredible tool for breaking down confusing concepts that might go over some heads.

Often technology companies believe that their customers understand complex technical terms, but this is often not the case. Videos, especially explainer-style videos, are an effective way to educate potential clients and customers. Break it down and make the sale!

Lasting Value and ROI

While sales and marketing representatives aren’t awake 24/7, videos keep working in their off hours. With properly optimized placement on your website, automation and the right SEO, your videos will enjoy a longer shelf life and ROI than some other types of content.

Videos convey your technology company’s value proposition and effectively describe your solutions, even when you don’t have the time to do so.

83% of technology company videos marketers say video has helped them generate net-new leads. 84% of technology decision-makers say that they've been influenced to buy a product or service by watching a brand's video. 95% of video marketers increase understanding of their products or services using video. 93% of technology brands gain new customers through video on social media sites.

Technology buyers and decision makers are consuming video at an increasing rate; not having a steady stream of relevant, consumable content for your target audiences can put a technology provider’s marketing efforts at a competitive disadvantage.

Barriers to Video Storytelling

However, there are distinct barriers to getting started with video storytelling. For instance, few companies have in-house video copywriting services or existing (available) video development resources. Video creation can be perceived as a costly and “heavy lift” to internal teams. It can be hard to gain consensus as to the best ways to implement a successful, long-term video development strategy. However, these issues should not deter technology companies from including video in their go-to-market strategies. Finding the right partner agency that provides end-to-end video development services at tiered price points can help you achieve your goals for robust, sustainable video development. This is where Lauchlan’s custom video offerings and Video as a Service (VaaS) solutions may help.

VaaS, a new service from Lauchlan, solves all the headaches of video content creation for technology companies. The costs can be tiered and customized to meet your desired cadence, development schedules and budgets for video creation. With Lauchlan’s video services, technology companies gain access to tech-marketing focused writers, video developers, creative designers and digital strategists that can help you make the very most of gaining views and engagement on your videos once in market.

Are You Ready to Drive New Leads and Increase Your Overall Marketing ROI with Video Storytelling?

Book a VaaS demo now or complimentary consultation with a Lauchlan video development specialist: info@lauchlanx.com.

*Video marketing statistics source: Wyzol, The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2020, Video Marketing Statistics, Hubspot, 2020.

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