June 22, 2022

Three Landing Page Must-Haves

How to build a landing page that converts

June 22, 2022

Three Landing Page Must-Haves

How to build a landing page that converts

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  • The importance of driving traffic to your landing page
  • Why landing pages should be laser focused on your CTA
  • How to reduce landing page friction
Your campaign landing pages are some of the hardest working assets in your digital marketing portfolio. Emails, ads, web pages and social posts all can move your audience closer to your goal, but only a thoughtfully crafted landing page will influence them to convert on your goal. See a greater return on your efforts by understanding the role landing pages play in your larger campaign strategy, how your campaign goals should inform your page’s content and what on-page elements can optimize conversions.

Healthy traffic sources

When B2B marketers fall short of their conversion goals, sometimes the cause is a lack of traffic leading to their landing pages. For example, you could have a beautifully designed and poignantly written landing page that follows every best practice, but the landing page can’t do its job without an audience. Landing pages must be part of a larger digital strategy that aligns with messaging and campaign goals on other channels. Digital marketing tactics to drive traffic

Referral content Embed links in third-party content like guest blog posts, articles on industry websites and content syndication.

Email marketing Link to landing pages from your nurture emails and newsletters.

Ads Display, social media and publisher ad platforms are all sources of high-quality, engaged audiences.

Paid search Use pay-per-click advertising to appear at the top of search results pages and drive a relevant and engaged audience to your pages.

Website Promote content like ebooks, webinars and trials throughout your website and in a resources section.

Whichever tactic you choose, always ensure your messaging introduces your audience to your landing page’s topic and matches the messaging visually, creating a seamless transition that moves your audience closer to your landing page’s goal.

One call to action

Although landing pages do the heavy lifting for your campaign, they aren’t meant to support every conversion goal at once—your page should focus on only one goal at a time. Benefits of limiting your message to one call to action
  • 1. Minimizes your audience’s options, helping them to decide to convert.
  • 2. Allows you to align all content and design behind one goal, helping to influence your audience.
When you limit your page’s goal to just one desired action from your visitor, you streamline the conversion process and reduce friction.

Low landing page friction

Not all friction—any element of your landing page that stands in the way or deters users from converting—results from multiple calls to action. Some friction is psychological, like a long form on a landing page. Ways to avoid landing page friction

Conversion as a no-brainer Ensure the first thing your audience sees on your landing page is a message and image about your offer’s value. Leading with value helps persuade your audience to convert.

Make it easy Put your form at the top of your page; include multiple ways to navigate back to the form lower on the page.

Try multi-step forms Rather than present your audience with a long form, present them with just one field, and reveal any additional required fields once they’ve submitted the first time.

Final thoughts

Generating and driving relevant traffic, focusing your message on one goal and reducing barriers to conversion are all ways to optimize your landing pages’ effectiveness, which can have a big impact on your overall digital marketing efforts. Landing pages are pivotal in nurturing your audience through the buyer’s journey and are a keystone in the marketing to sales handoff—they help you turn marketing-qualified leads into sales-qualified leads and build a sales pipeline. If you’d like help identifying ways to improve your landing page conversions, connect with Lauchlan. We can help optimize your current pages or create a plan to drive traffic to one of your existing optimized pages.


Amy Thacker

Sr. Content Strategist and Writer

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