Cut through the noise. This task is at the forefront of every creative mind in a campaign kick-off. One of the most common tactics to achieve this in IT channel lead gen has been the tried and true meeting incentive. While it’s appropriateness often depends on the brand, audience or situation (you especially have to tread lightly in the public sector), offering a little gift as a carrot to take a meeting can indeed be part of an attention-grabbing and successful campaign.
In working with our IT channel clients to put together campaigns that open doors at their target companies, we’ve gained some insights on incentives that tend to be the most effective. Here’s some of our top performers based on actual campaign results.
Wearable technology – The buzz surrounding wearable gadgets like the Apple Watch and Fitbit reached a crescendo this past year, so we weren’t surprised to see great results when using them as a meeting incentive. Plus, they are a natural thematic fit in campaigns focused on solutions in IoT and big data.
Amazon Echo — Following in the footsteps of voice activated assistants like Siri and Google Now, Echo is a stand-alone device for your home that gathers information by recording your daily activity. It stores this intelligence and uses it to execute simple tasks like playing a song to reordering household items to monitoring traffic on your commute. This item has particular cache with early tech adopters—a common persona among IT executives.
Ticketmaster gift cards – This isn’t the sexiest incentive, but the best thing about the Ticketmaster gift card is its flexibility. We’ve found they perform well when tied in with a theme that suggests a use—like a major summer concert—but is open to be spent on whatever the recipient wants.
Apple TV — With key new features like the Siri remote and touch surface, Apple TV continues to entice prospects to take meetings. Streaming devices like these are rapidly replacing traditional television configurations. It doesn’t hurt that they are also very compact and easy to ship.
iPad mini – Tablet sales may be in decline, but the results of our door-opener campaigns suggest they still get the attention of IT pros. We’ve seen fairly consistent success when using iPad minis and other mid-range tablets as an incentive in lead-gen campaigns focused on big ticket solutions like hybrid cloud and enterprise storage.
While these and other items can give a strong boost to your lead-gen campaigns, it’s important to always lead with your value first and position the incentive as just that—a token of appreciation for taking the time out of their busy day to hear your story. This approach maintains the integrity of your brand and ultimately attracts higher quality leads.

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