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“We’re trying to be more vendor-neutral in the way we go to market right now.” The Lauchlan team is hearing this from our clients a lot these days, and for good reason: In our recent survey of IT pros, a vendor-neutral perspective was ranked the second most important characteristic they look for in a VAR, IT solution provider or systems integrator. (The ability to be a strategic advisor for cloud and other next-gen technologies was number 1.) And while that perspective can be communicated through any employee that touches your customers and prospects, your content is likely where the biggest impact will be made. A vendor-neutral approach to marketing can help you:
  1. Signal to IT leaders that you can help them navigate the complex tech (and vendor) landscape. This relates back to that survey result cited above. The world of IT is in a constant state of churn, and it’s more difficult than ever for CIOs to make informed decisions about the future of their environments. They want to know that their IT solution provider can help them weigh all options equally and choose the best tech for them.
  2. Fuel your content marketing strategy. Ask yourself what would be more engaging for IT pros: a “blog” that automatically syndicates in content from Big Storage Inc., or a blog focused on the latest trends and practical use cases of hyper-converged storage. Starting with a vendor-neutral approach to marketing will both open up the content possibilities and make that content naturally more appealing to your audience.
  3. Build a presence as an industry thought leader. If one of your goals is to gain a thought leadership position within your tech niche—through blogging, social media, events, speaking engagements—you would need to start by cultivating a vendor-neutral perspective that is consistent across marketing, PR and any of your public-facing subject matter experts.
One big caveat to all of this is that vendor-neutral marketing only works when it’s an extension of a broader vendor-neutral strategy followed by the business as a whole, from sales team to practice leaders to architects and engineers.  

Solve for a Vendor-Neutral Marketing Strategy

We help IT solution providers build marketing and content strategies focused on their unique capabilities as a strategic technology advisor. Get in touch with us to start a conversation.   Pete Fuduric is Content Director at Lauchlan. You can email Pete at